Albums I’m Waiting For

Well since it doesn’t have “good bands” for the search, in case you were wondering I am listening to Darby Hughes. Get his album.

I don’t understand how you could type on a keyboard and do anything but listen to music and watch a DVD. But how could you read a book? Unless if was a Dr. Suess novel (hehe) I doubt you could read anything.

Today has been good, but I’ve battled an upset stomach all day. I’m almost off to go home, so I’ll be glad to leave work. It’s been productive though. Hopefully I’ll get some rest to get over this and the cold I’ve had.

Here’s are the albums I’m very excited to buy

  • Derek Webb “I See Things Upside Down”
  • Caedmon’s Call “Share the Well”
  • and

  • Andrew Peterson “Behold the Lamb of God: The True Tall Tale of the Birth of Christ”.
  • They’re going to be spectacular. Andrew Osenga helped produce both the Caedmon’s one and the Andrew Peterson one. He’s a good producer.

    Mr. Peterson needs the money because he’s a family man and his label dropped him. It’s good about the label and even better that he can make more money without the label. Hopefully his Christmas album will sell without a large distribution. This will be the first Christmas album I’ll ever buy.


    retreat music re-cap

    Retreat was very good. Pictures will be up on the site soon, make sure to check that out.

    Here is the music we played for all the sessions. Session 3 is a little uncertain as I suggested some songs but I was not present for that one. Lisa, Claire and I had to run to a wedding in Ventura County (which we got very lost going to). I think I drove over 300 miles in 3 days.

    Friday Evening – Session #1

  • Awake My Soul
  • Lord Jehovah
  • Jesus, I Come
  • Good to Me
  • Saturday Morning – Session #2

  • The Love of Christ is Rich and Free
  • Draw Us Together by Your Love
  • The Glory of the Cross
  • Forever Grateful
  • We Bow Our Hearts
  • Saturday Evening – Session #3

  • Micah 7:7
  • Hungry
  • No Other Place
  • You Are My King
  • Sunday Morning – Session #4

  • Lord Most High
  • In Christ Alone
  • Jesus with Thy Church Abide
  • Communion

  • Search Me
  • There is A Redeemer
  • Seeking to Worship You
  • one reader

    Hmm. I have one confirmed reader! This is great news.

    Well maybe all my reader(s) can get back to me. Would you (all) be interested in knowing the songs we play for music at COC? I could post them and maybe we could trade ideas…

    This was this Tuesday September 21

  • Thy Mercy
  • No Other Place
  • Jesus with Thy Church Abide
  • Come Thou Fount
  • Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken
  • After the sermon

  • The Gospel Song
  • I really like the piano

    Today on my way to work I was doing a whole lot of thinking. It’s so good to think in the morning, especially because you get a fresh start that the day and your thoughts aren’t laden with yesterday’s hard issues. Unless of course they were showstoppers.

    I was thinking much about the piano. Last night I was listening to some good tunes appreciating what the piano brings to a recording and to a live sound. So then I decided that Cason Cooley is the finest contemporary piano/keyboard guy. His piano and keyboard work is thrilling. It’s never the rhythm instrument and he doesn’t even play crazy difficult fills. Just complimentary stuff. I’m sure he’s good enough to play the rhythm, and I’m sure it’d be fun for him to get noticed a little more but he doesn’t. He just adds the perfect amount of piano.

    The Normals song, “The Best I Can” illustrates best what I am talking about. I can send you a link to a legal copy of it so you can enjoy it throughly. Cason rocks on that one.

    Piano should compliment the guitar work.

    Piano players please don’t be haters. I’m married to a wonderful pianist. I know many good pianists. It just doesn’t really fit into music I listen to as the main rhythm instrument. Just complimentary.

    Well I’ve got a few other thoughts, maybe you’ll get them later.

    wouldn’t live anywhere else

    What beautiful weather! I am so amazed by the first day of the fall season. What a joy. In California we have “seasons” just not extreme season (barring the long summer). I enjoy that a lot. And I guess we do pay for it somehow. Cost of housing and insurance is remarkably high for a place where people have a poor sense of community and sometimes are plain unfriendly.

    Makes gospel ministry difficult, which it should be, but I still wish I wasn’t so hard for neighbors to talk with one another. I often wonder if Grace Community Church would be a different type of church if in another state or perhaps another city. California is pretty much the only state I could live in though. As a Filipino in Oregon I received racist comments in a McDonalds less than a year ago. So though California is expensive, people are sometimes cold-hearted, and summer is hot I love it enough to live here. I am thankful my parents decided to immigrate to Southern California! Lisa and I have often said, if not we don’t live in California we’d be more interested in a different country (maybe for missions soon).

    Bible Study was great last night, focusing on the Cross and really what it is impact needs to be in the life of a Christian. I think we often think of the cross and important symbol for the unbeliever. But as mature believers we need to the cross just as much. I love that emphasis recently, especially because we are so good at understanding Lordship in our community. Often we can become like the Galatians looking for visible outward signs of obedience when really the Cross of Christ is the rock. Our focus on the externals is a huge source of discouragement and doubt for all. We need to rely on the Cross!

    diaper changes and dancing

    Wow. This is it. My very first blog post. I’m glad to be able to have a place to share thoughts, personal lessons, battles, and child-rearing fun. Yesterday I arrived home around 4:45 pm. I was hoping to get some things done before band practice, like read a bit more in Acts, hang out with Lisa, and maybe even play a little bit.

    So not long after I got home I noticed an odor from Claire Renae. I promptly went into the nursery to change the diaper. After a successful change I went back and hung out with her a bit. She seemed pretty content until 20 minutes later than she emitted odor. Once again I had to change her. By this time it’s probably 5:30. She seemed content for a while even when Lisa took a bit of a nap. I hung on to her a bit as I read Acts, learning about Peter’s vision of God seeing all the animals and being told about what is clean and unclean. She was a little fussy so I decided move around a little.

    Moving my hips (rhythmic movement) seems to calm a little girl down. While it may not be pretty to watch the impact is has on the ears of Lisa and me, not to mention the neighbors, is remarkable.

    After a good while of slumber (40 minutes) she again emitted a foul odor. Once again she needed to be changed.

    In 2 hours she needed 3 diaper changes. It’s all worth it…