This weekend I’ve tried to memorize most of the songs we are doing on Tuesday. I think I’ve got a good feel for the music, the lyrics are a little shaky, I think if I can at least get the music memorized, it’ll help me be better equipped to lead the group.

I’ll think less about what I’m playing and more about worshiping Jesus Christ, to hopefully result in making it easier for the group to sing.

I also signed Lisa, Claire and me up for Resolved. We are very very very very very excited about that. That’s Foundrites and Crossroadians together, and from what I know of Foundrites they are some of the nicest people at GCC.

I’ve heard that Derek and Sandra are pretty nice as well.

Here’s the songs I practiced… For whatever reason I have a hard time keeping track of the progression on the chorus for No Other Place.

  • No Other Place
  • Awake My Soul
  • Jesus I Come
  • Lord Jehovah
  • Jesus with Thy Church Abide

absolute inability

My wife and I were talking about this on the way home last night, and it was good to think about this. I’ve been since I as in high school a big time TULIP person. My good friends introduced it to me through the book called “The Five Points of Calvinism” by Steele.

The book is provides scripture references used by both Armininians and “Calvinists” and lets you see for yourself that God’s sovereignty in salvation is the only reasonable understanding. Otherwise, man is given too much credit and the glory that is due the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is not properly ascribed.

But unfortunately in this day and age, when people hear the first point, “Total Depravity” the natural man does not accept this. They think of Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson. We are too into ourselves to think that we are depraved in the smallest bit, let alone TOTALLY depraved.  So terming it absolute inability is fitting.

I remember maybe 6 weeks ago explaining the gospel to someone, and telling them that all men are depraved and totally wicked, and they have a serious problem with that (of course because then you’d need a solution). But to explain that they are absolutely unable to please God may be a little easier to grasp. Not that the truth is less offensive, just easier to think through if you present it that way.

I like it. I love it, because it is amazing thinking that Jesus Christ is the King and that He would choose to save someone like me who is not just absouletly unable, but who is also utterly rebellious.

bible study last night

Music was weird. I’ve decided it’s good to practice on Monday and play on Tuesday, because things are fresh. But I personally need to pick out the songs a few days in advance and practice singing them a lot. Perhaps I’ll record a scratch guitar track and try to sing over it without a guitar in my hands. (Maybe that’ll justify me getting some better speakers for my computer). I guess that’s missing the point. I really need to practice singing.

As I sat down after finishing up the music, I noticed that I didn’t have a mobile phone in my pocket. I knew that I had left it on in the normal mode, not on vibrate and I thought maybe it was up on the music stand. A very bad place for a cell phone were it to ring during the message. I remembered I specifically did not want to turn it off, because Claire was being babysat by our parents at home.  So I just sat there, thinking it was on the music stand, hoping it wouldn’t ring (most of my friends are either at bible study or know that bible study is going on at that time.)

Somewhere during point two, my phone begins to ring, very very loudly (because I raised the volume on the train because it was too low with all of the train noise). I scrambled to find the phone to eliminate that terrible distraction… And as I walk up to the front (becoming a worse distraction) I realize the phone isn’t there and it’s still ringing!!! I’m terribly embarrassed, because it’s on the back table!

I am a fool, and I still missed the call.

It wasn’t our parents, but rather my good friend who I knew was calling from his mobile phone in Chicago. I spoke to him and his wife was having an emergency at home and he was thousands of miles away without a way to help her.

He asked me a call another mutual friend to assist her and I did.

Thankfully I was able to put it out of my mind for enough time to get back into the message.

It was good re-thinking redemption. The text was Ephesians 1:7. Joey Penberthy was teaching…

   1. The Person of Redemption. It is only through Christ and Him alone! He gave a good illustration about people who are non-Christians who will actually try to explain to God that figured that they had their own way to him. Like they’re going to tell the almighty God of Glory that they kinda thought they’d be ok. Amazing and frightening to think that we have a message that will save and give people the confidence to say to God that His Son Jesus Christ is all they need.

   2. The Price of Redemption. The blood of Jesus Christ

   3. The Prize of Redemption. (I missed this one while I wrapping up my phone interruption)

Sharing the Well

I am hearing the sounds of some Indians screaming. It is quite an album, most of the stuff I really like on it is the Eastern flavor. I really dig the production and the influence of Mr. Andrew Osenga. He is the former frontman for The Normals and he is a very talented singer-songwriter.  He’s also a really nice guy who is a very in-demand musician in Nashville these days. He’s worked with different artists, folk, pop, rock, country, and others. He’s kindly accepting Darby’s CD from me and he’s going to give it a listen. Maybe he can help Darby out a little bit since he’s a familiar man to the indie music scene.
Well, today I woke up pretty late. About one hour past the time that I should be sitting on the train, so needless to say, I left in a rush and arrived at work one hour late, so I’ll be here until 5. It was worth it however, since Lisa and I were able to hang out with the Ewings. Hopefully we’ll be able to do that again soon. I learned a few new songs, hopefully I’ll remember them later when I get the charts.
It’s been a busy day at work too, many tickets to close, many things to do since there are two people from our team on vacation.
El Senor es Siempre Bueno!
I do want to recommend one album for your listening pleasure and stimulation of your walk with Jesus Christ. There is no other album that has had such a significant impact in my view of Jesus Christ and my love for Him. It is amazing what an album of 12 songs, some instrumental, some serious, some light, all very very biblical (except for the 2 instrumental) can do to stimulate thoughts of the Scripture and on the face of Jesus Christ. I’ve thought in the last 6 days more about Jesus Christ and the glory that surrounds Him today and the lowly place of incarnation and it’s nearly brought me to tears.
The album is called Behold the Lamb of God by Andrew Peterson. It is a musical telling of the story of Jesus Christ, starting with Israel; from Egypt, Passover, wanderings, Kingdoms, Prophets, to the intertestamental period until the birth of the Lord.
I’ve told Lisa that if one has the right heart and a clear head the song “So Long Moses” will bring you to delight in Jesus Christ and quite possibly bring you to tears as well.

last Tuesday’s song list

  • Awake My Soul (Troy and Chris had some sweet musical harmonies going on)
  • Lord Most High<
  • The Love of Christ is Rich and Free
  • I Stand In Awe of You
  • After the sermon…

  • Only in God
  • After Practice Pickup Game

    So after Troy and I got done practicing we decided to play a little of the newest game in my small sports game collection for PS2. We played ESPN NBA 2K5 a fanatastic game that released one week ago for only $19.99 or $14.99 at Best Buy. I was the Lakers, he was the Mavericks. After giving him a little bit of instructions the game was on and I dominated early. But I guess maybe he was just warming up. My pick and roll game was working to perfection with Vlade going 10-11, being most effective running it with Kobe. Now, that was great. My lineup is a little unconventional, but my plays are the simple. The 2 or 3 picks up the ball and then calls for a pick on the side where my center is positioned. Vlade, my center will usually come out, and depending on the pick I’ll drive the hoop or dish inside, depending on the defensive switch.

    In case you were curious, my line up is as follows–

  • PG: Luke Walton (I’ll explain)
  • SG: Kobe
  • SF: Caron Butler
  • PF: Odom
  • C: Vlade
  • Luke Walton has a lot of skill with the ball, and he poses quite the match up problem for other guards, the only thing is that he gets ripped in a trap situation. Which is ok, because Kobe or Odom handle the ball mostly. Chucky Atkins is not good enough to be in the game as the point guard. On defense, Mr. Butler handles the PG and Luke Walton switches to the SF (which is his natural position and he doesn’t get burned because he’s fast enough to guard the SF spot)

    Back to the action. So Troy starts shooting ties the game in the 4th. With 15 seconds left we’re tied and Mr. Kobe has the ball, and I call for a pick and pull up for the wide open three-pointer. Nails! With only 1.1 to go I win the game.

    After the first game he helped me put some groceries away and take out the trash and then played a second game.

    I was the Lakers and he was the Kings. He dominated me… How could Doug Christie hit a 40 foot 3 point shot? I have no clue. Oh well.

    You’re thinking, gosh Clyde’s obsessed with gaming. Not really, I just love basketball and we’re about 3 weeks from the start of the season. This will be a very exciting Lakers squad.


    Reading is fun. Last night was the first time I’ve read something other than the Bible and the newspaper in over a month. It’s a little difficult when things have been turned upsidedown our little precious Claire. I guess I feel like I should be doing stuff around the house, helping my wonderful wife or something rather than enjoy a good book.

    I read a bit in “DL Moody on Spiritual Leadership” by Steve Miller who put together some of Mr. Moody’s best thoughts about the bible and leadership. It was great to read about holiness. Steve Miller begins with a statement. “I do not want to have an impact in the world at all.” That is a shocking claim, especially as a Christian. Why would a Christian want to have an impact? That is against the greatest commandment and against the great comission. Oftentimes the way we live our lives minimizes our impact to the point we have none at all, or at worst, a negative impact.

    It was a great challenge. You’ll have to read it to get it… So buy it! 🙂 Just keep in perspective that holiness isn’t the thing the God causes us to strive for in-and-of ourselves. God desires that we would see our weakness and bring honor to Christ’s sacrifice and glorify the cross. Pursuit of holiness apart from understanding that we can’t be holy apart from Christ is an empty heart breaking pursuit. If you have the wrong perspective on this you will be miserable and depressed. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

    Among other book news, I finished, “A Farewell to Arms” by Ernest Hemmingway. He is a crazy good writer. I wish I read more when I was younger. Maybe Claire will be a reader. Especially since we won’t have TV.