This weekend I’ve tried to memorize most of the songs we are doing on Tuesday. I think I’ve got a good feel for the music, the lyrics are a little shaky, I think if I can at least get the music memorized, it’ll help me be better equipped to lead the group.

I’ll think less about what I’m playing and more about worshiping Jesus Christ, to hopefully result in making it easier for the group to sing.

I also signed Lisa, Claire and me up for Resolved. We are very very very very very excited about that. That’s Foundrites and Crossroadians together, and from what I know of Foundrites they are some of the nicest people at GCC.

I’ve heard that Derek and Sandra are pretty nice as well.

Here’s the songs I practiced… For whatever reason I have a hard time keeping track of the progression on the chorus for No Other Place.

  • No Other Place
  • Awake My Soul
  • Jesus I Come
  • Lord Jehovah
  • Jesus with Thy Church Abide

About clydeblogs
I am husband to my sweetheart Lisa, and we are parents of our sweetheart Claire Renae and the curiously cute Evan. I wish I could say that I speak a little, and think a lot, but I think I speak a lot and think less than I should.

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