I wonder if it is proper etiquette to brush your teeth in the men’s bathroom at the office. Recently I’ve been feeling uneasy about the status of my teeth so I take my office-designated toothpaste and toothbruth to the restroom and carefully and neatly brush my teeth. Absent are the loud brushing noises, the foaming at the mouth look, and the gross spitting sounds. I try to be quiet and courteous, but I am still brushing my teeth.

I also try to pick odd times to participate in my routine, such as 3:40 in the afternoon, before the big rush before everyone goes home and 11:00 before everyone goes to lunch

But is it proper to clean one’s teeth in the office bathroom?

Let me hear your thoughts.


i see things upside down

So I told you about Derek Webb’s album, yes it will be added to my top ten albums of all time. Yeah, I’m serious it’s not like Rick Holland’s ever-changing top 5 books (which he teases himself for). This is top-tier.

Better than Wine is a beautiful love song that talks about how a man should be intoxicated (Derek uses the word drunk) with her love. Amazingly beautiful.

Derek Webb was right, he’s said that the Christian music will not “get” this album and I agree, the songs are too deep and the arrangements are too experimental. There will not be one single released to Christian radio which is a great thing.

A lot of conviction has come from listening to the song, “Ballad in Plain Red”. A song written from the perspective of lies, a personification of lies that the church today believes.

“Take out the sign, Forget the meal” – A reference to churches changing their name to less offensive things like “Christian center” that’s lame. “Forget the meal” is talking about the Lord’s table, which has been left in the dust. As if people should feel totally comfortable doing that!Another top notch one is called “Medication”. The chorus is:

I don’t want medication, just give me liberation
even if it cuts my legs right out from underneath,
don’t give me medication I want the real sensation
Even when living feels just like death to me.

It is talking about our society and culture that is absolutely against pain. If you are suffering you can die “when you want”. Pain-killers are prescribed like no ones business. On a similar theme Lisa was prescribed the strongest of all medications after delivery of Claire when she did not even need it. Why? Because people are afraid to hurt (not that I am totally against pain medicine). This song is talking about how we hide the Truth and are afraid to let it sting the world and our own hearts. It is the nature of the gospel to be offensive, to stand and tell your co-workers that they are sinners against the living God! It’s not easy, but suffering isn’t the end of the world.


brandon and singing solos

So last night bible study was very good, Brandon was back and he was able to hear the gospel completely.  That was a great conversation to be a part of.  He seemed very interested and will come again.  Lisa and I were commenting afterwards on how we as believers forget that the gospel called us to give up everything about our old lives, that the calling of Christ is a call to repent and give up all.  He has no Christian background whatsoever.  It’s not as it would be in many cases, “This is what you’ve grown up in make your faith your own.”  I understand the Holy Spirit calls and is irresistable, but it’s still a huge paradigm shift.

Can you pray for Brandon?

So I sang a solo last night…yeah scary huh?  Even worse that it was on the new song that I didn’t play guitar for, but the overhead projector bulb broken down and I didn’t know it.  So sang “What Wondrous Love is This” and no one knew the lyrics, so it was like a solo.  I felt like Darren Schager or perhaps Dave Costanzo.  I’m glad I didn’t know the overhead was broken until afterward, because I’d be overly self-conscious about my singing then.  

Oh well…


anticipation, new guitar strings, etc

Today is a special day because Derek Webb’s new release, “I See Things Upside Down” is finally here. I haven’t picked it up yet but I think that it will be well worth it, especially after reading the reviews and hearing some clips. Apparently Will Sayles played drums, Derek played the guitars, Kenny Meeks added his guitar skills, Matt Pierson played the bass guitar and Cason Cooley played keyboard and organ.


From what I hear it is very indie sounding, which will be fun. Hopefully, like all good records you will be able to listen to it for a long time. The problem is I hope that Borders carries it because I do not buy from Family Christian Stores (it is a long story).

Tonight is bible study and I’ll be leading them in a new song to us, it’s an old hymn and many people have sung it before, “What Wondrous Love is This”. It’s way to hard for me to sing and play so Chris will take my acoustic and play while I sing. It hard for me to see myself as just the singer, but it helps to understand that I’m just serving God and not out there for myself.

Last night after practice I changed the strings on my acoustic, amazing difference. What was I thinking keeping those old strings on for so long? That reminds me that I haven’t broken a guitar string in over a year, maybe I’m overdue.

i love the trash disposal company

This morning is a great morning, freshness in the air, beginning of a week, still thinking about God’s truth that was taught yesterday. Today is also trash day, which is good because taking out the trash is somewhat of a weird pleasure of mine. There is something special about emptying the small trash bins around the house, the diaper bin, the kitchen waste can, and the garage pails. It is a severe blessing that we do not have to put our trash into our own vehicle and drive it to a dumpster, or even worse burn it. That would be much more time consuming and dirty. All I do it roll some heavier bins out to the street, place them in the appropriate order and confirm their spacing (3 feet from one another is recommended, but I live life on the edge so I usually only leave 2 1/2 feet). Praise God for Blue Barrel/Waste Managment Company!

Lisa, Claire and I went to the GCC Fall Concert. It was fun to hear music at the campus that was different than what I’d hear at a Spring Concert or a Christmas Concert. The gym looked so different. Darby did a great job, and he let Peter have this really cool bass solo on “If I Ever Make it Back”. There’s something to be said about that, as Peter’s dad (who is Lisa’s uncle) was telling me earlier in the week. He said something like, “I love the fact that Peter is given an opportunity to play the way that he feels comfortable playing.” I guess Darby doesn’t really dictate exactly the lines that he wants Peter to lay down, which is cool. I guess it helps when you have quality musicians around you…

The Hodge band was fun, too bad the sound crew/equipment was leaving a little bit to be desired. I like the guys who were running it, but the Hodges (and mostly everyone I talked with) didn’t seem like they were enjoying the mix. I know that instrument pickups may not clearly reproduce the sound of your instrument like an external mic would, but the gym is not a place for purists. For versatility’s sake get a pickup! 🙂 Not that they are cheap to have put in, but I think that was a source of the sound problems. Godspeed was good, maybe a little too 1997 for me, hehe. Mr. Chris Del Aguila’s stuff was fun so I got his CD, since I know that it will benefit his young family. It’s kind of a way to give back to him, since he led the music ministry in high school for such a long time. Some of the songs on his disc were played back then and we’ve been waiting for them to be recorded. Very quality production. Perhaps I will try to get the Hodge band disc at some point as well.

my guitar

Sorry to recently make this a weekly update. I’ll try to be better about journaling here. On Sunday I dropped off my guitar to so that their guitar technician could do something that I’ve been wanting to have done for a very long time.  Their technician works all around the Valley at one major store and a few small shops, she’s probably one of the best in the area. She is Tina Wood and she’s repaired my acoustic a few times, this was the first time I’ve had my electric worked on. Nothing major, just needed to have the guitar setup for 10’s. For whatever reason, Godin puts 9’s on their SD model. I guess that’s fine but for me who is mostly an acoustic player that was a hard switch, since I use 12’s on my Seagull. When I picked up the guitar on Wednesday it was so much better, the feel is beautiful the sound is amazing. It has really been quite a transformation, it feels much more comfortable. Maybe my readers can leave comments about which strings they use on their guitars. I just got D’Addarios which I’ve liked in the past, and I know a lot of people prefer those, I used to use Elixir’s exclusively on my acoustic, but I’ve switched back to D’Addario EXPs, but I have not experimented much with my electric. I’d love to try Elixirs, but is it worth it on an electric?

I need to go back to take my friends guitar, who has his bridge lifting off the top, bad news…it’s going to cost a bit. We’ll see.

The Quarter Cookout on Tuesday was a good time, I was able to take the day off from work. I am amazed how people serve God so effectively and use their singleness for His glory. This is what has made college ministry such a joy. I was able to hear some great testimonies from some Foundryites and talk with a guy who just admitted he hasn’t thought much about spiritual things whatsoever. It was baffling thinking that people supress the truth of life and death and don’t really pay much attention to it. I guess that’s just the work of the Spirit that draws us to Himself.

Reformation Day

Yesterday was Reformation Day, which is pretty nice to commemorate. I think it’s important that we as a college ministry recognized that. I can’t believe that the Reformation didn’t start in America, I mean didn’t salvation come through of America? Lol.

I recalled a Rich Mullins quote yesterday during the music set. When people approached him after a concert and said, “Wow Rich, I could really feel the Spirit moving during that one song” his response would be “Actually that wasn’t the Spirit, that was when the bass drum was going”. Or something like that. Not that I’ve never noticed it before, but when there are driving electric guitar parts during the music the most hands are raised. I think that music can and should stimulate our emotion, but should it control it? I’m not so sure. I wonder what the response would be if they did have a driving electric guitar part during words like: “I’m so happy, I’m so happy, I’m so happy”. Should we play in such away that captures one’s emotions? I don’t really know, I need to try to figure that out. I think I try to appeal to minds first, and then hearts, but maybe I’ve been unbalanced in my approach.

I really have no problem with hands being raised, I think it some ways it’s natural, but the timing of it is a little suspect. Really though, I’d rather not let them be a unnecessary distraction, and I try to not think of about it too often, so I’m just getting that off my chest in some fashion.