i see things upside down

So I told you about Derek Webb’s album, yes it will be added to my top ten albums of all time. Yeah, I’m serious it’s not like Rick Holland’s ever-changing top 5 books (which he teases himself for). This is top-tier.

Better than Wine is a beautiful love song that talks about how a man should be intoxicated (Derek uses the word drunk) with her love. Amazingly beautiful.

Derek Webb was right, he’s said that the Christian music will not “get” this album and I agree, the songs are too deep and the arrangements are too experimental. There will not be one single released to Christian radio which is a great thing.

A lot of conviction has come from listening to the song, “Ballad in Plain Red”. A song written from the perspective of lies, a personification of lies that the church today believes.

“Take out the sign, Forget the meal” – A reference to churches changing their name to less offensive things like “Christian center” that’s lame. “Forget the meal” is talking about the Lord’s table, which has been left in the dust. As if people should feel totally comfortable doing that!Another top notch one is called “Medication”. The chorus is:

I don’t want medication, just give me liberation
even if it cuts my legs right out from underneath,
don’t give me medication I want the real sensation
Even when living feels just like death to me.

It is talking about our society and culture that is absolutely against pain. If you are suffering you can die “when you want”. Pain-killers are prescribed like no ones business. On a similar theme Lisa was prescribed the strongest of all medications after delivery of Claire when she did not even need it. Why? Because people are afraid to hurt (not that I am totally against pain medicine). This song is talking about how we hide the Truth and are afraid to let it sting the world and our own hearts. It is the nature of the gospel to be offensive, to stand and tell your co-workers that they are sinners against the living God! It’s not easy, but suffering isn’t the end of the world.



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I am husband to my sweetheart Lisa, and we are parents of our sweetheart Claire Renae and the curiously cute Evan. I wish I could say that I speak a little, and think a lot, but I think I speak a lot and think less than I should.

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