dropping eaves, dp explodes

This morning’s commute was nice, I was able to make the train with time to spare. I also made it to the Santa Clarita station, which meant a better seat, so I approached an area which was empty. Typical train culture lends itself to quiet rides to work where most people are sleeping or reading and afternoon rides home are usually much more chatty. My empty area soon filled up quickly, with three friends. I was like the forth wheel, they chatted, chatted and chatted from work related things to home etc. Nice folks, but I couldn’t help but noticed how much of them complained and how the others, by way of continuing to stir up more questions just encouraged his complaining. It was sad. I kept thinking to myself, I wonder think I am about when they hear my conversations. It was a subtle heart check.

Well, I found out that I did something really bad in the work freezer. Our soda dispenser doesn’t properly chill the drinks and so they are gross and nasty when you get them, so I promptly put mine in the freezer, which I have done before. I forgot about it last night, and when I checked this morning….oops. Chilled Dr. Pepper all over everything.


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I am husband to my sweetheart Lisa, and we are parents of our sweetheart Claire Renae and the curiously cute Evan. I wish I could say that I speak a little, and think a lot, but I think I speak a lot and think less than I should.

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