the new year

It’s January 6th 2005. I am the same guy as I was on December 31, 2004. This is all true, but it is a great opportunity to evaluate and take a good look on the things that I can do to stimulate growth and development.

First, I have many things to work on. Too many to think about once and for all. But I can at least single out a few things that I should do.

  1. Pray specifically and follow up better. I need to use my journal a lot more and take specific periods of time as prayer breaks. Perhaps going away from the house for a while to do so.
  2. I need to study the scripture and journal these thoughts. My heart needs to learn to long after the mystery of God and the face of Jesus Christ.

We’ll see how my simple resolutions go. I think looking back on 2004 it has been a more difficult year than I would like to think… These basics will help with the aid of the Spirit.

And “…Fall in the Love with the Family of God” was really really good!