after resolved:

Wow.  It has been a long time.  For the faithful former reader(s) of this journal, please accept my cry for forgiveness. I have long neglected my Xanga site, and for that I am disappointed. 

Let’s try to get back in business.

Saturday was a fun day, Lisa and I woke up for good around 10 am, which was a special treat because we never were able to sleep in after the Resolved conference.  Many late nights were spent that weekend, mostly because we were enjoying fellowship with our suitemates, Nate, Beth and Issac.  So, after eating some breakfast I was able to get to my message prep.  I’m teaching at bible study on March 1 (which is tomorrow). Lisa kindly allowed me a few hours there just to get to that.  This is probably the 3rd time I’ve prepared a “topical” message, you know the one with the elusive “Selected Scriptures” reference, and it is in many ways more challenging than just teaching out of one passage.

I took a break from studies and we went to my uncle’s house to celebrate my grandmothers and my cousins birthday party.  My grandma is now 87.  It was a blast hanging out with family, which in some ways has becoming more “fobbish” by the day.  They were singing tagalog karoeke tunes, which was pretty funny.  At the least, they really enjoyed it, so we had fun.  After that we watched old home videos that were probably at least 15 years old.  It was a blast.  

Very fun.