clear to venus

I am so glad this album made it to iTunes.  There are some beautiful songs on Andrew Peterson’s album “Clear to Venus”, such as no more faith explaining how when we get to be with Jesus will no longer have the burden of faith and the comfort of hope.  They were be realized, but we will still very much experience love.  

Nathan preached last night on heaven.  What a wonderful place.  I am glad to be a subject of the King! Funny how Nate was talking about perfect love in heaven and I listen to “No More Faith”.

Last night was the last Tuesday at GOC for Nate and Beth.  They will be missed greatly, their legacy has been left in Crossroads as people who have integrity and great faith.  I am so thankful that COC has had such an enriching time with them the past few years.

Lisa and I are excited because we get to watch Trevor Thursday.