peculiar beast

A couple of months back, Lisa, Claire and me went to the Santa Barbara zoo. We noticed a peculiar beast. Does anyone know what this is?

I can’t remember the name of this animal. Any ideas?


turning the corner on the first year

Claire’s first birthday is today! While I am at work waiting for the coffee to finish brewing I am excited to tell you of this marvelous day.

During Claire’s first year we’ve learned: 

  • How to sleep through a tempest
  • How to clean up any manner of gross-ness. (I must tell you about our after-church bath experience last night. It was a typical Sunday evening, we stopped for fast food on the way home for church. When we arrived I promptly began putting the trash out on the street for a Monday AM pick up. I could hear Lisa starting Claire’s bath…. When I peeked in to see Lisa taking care of Claire she prompts me with: “Have you seen Claire’s bathtub?” I was afraid to look, and when I arrived to the bathroom it was a terrible sight. Poop. You have no idea…)
  • How to have quiet time without it being quiet.
  • How to arrange your day around an infant’s sleep/eat schedule
So far one year of joy. 

teaser post

Remarkably it has been weeks since I’ve posted. Details of the better part of time elapsed between postings have faded quickly. But, to your benefit these have been memorably busy months… So, to the best of my ability I will try to give you a high-level week-by-week recap. Events will include:



  • Claire’s developments
  • Stuff @ work
  • Personal technology experiments
  • Lessons learned


Please patiently wait for all to be published. I leave you with one picture… I will most more soon.