who in the world is smush parker?

When was the last time a guard playing with Kobe Bryant could average this many points?  Yes, it was only the 4th game of the season, but who in the world is Smush Parker?  An undrafted player who ended up with the Lakers.  

Update (I just read this from Steve Kerr’s Yahoo! Sports Article) you can see that everyone loves Smush Parker:

Perhaps no one stands out more than Smush Parker, who for the time being has answered one of the most asked questions of the preseason: Who will be the Los Angeles Lakers’ point guard?

Parker has provided Phil Jackson with an athletic yet controlled lead guard who can shoot the ball and space the floor in the triangle offense. Through four games, Smush has averaged 18 points and 3.8 assists and committed just five turnovers while shooting a sizzling 60 percent. Not bad for a player who has bounced around the NBA for three seasons without much success. Sometimes it just takes the right opportunity for a player to find a home, and maybe L.A. is the place for Parker.

Positives about Smush
  • Handles the rock
  • Shoots the 3 well
  • Not afraid to slash
  • Is averaging a lot of steals
Negatives about Smush
  • Doesn’t stop guards from getting into the lane, which is fundamental.  He gambles a bit on D.  This tendency leads to a lot of steals, but then is a liability and can produce an extra amount of fouls on the bigs.
  • His name is Smush
Otherwise, I am pleased the Lakers found him, and that Mr. Jackson has been comfortable playing him big minutes.  I am pleasantly surprised with this team.  Now if only we can continue to play the Hawks and the Nuggets we’ll be great.

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