Rick tagged me on his blog. I’m going to honor the tag, and I’m even glad to be tagged but I will not tag anyone else. Enjoy. Play if you’d like.

20 Years Ago
I was in second grade. Bill Klint was my Sunday school teacher. I still see Mr. Klint and I believe he still teaches second grade Sunday school, and I vow, if he still is teaching when Claire enters second grade Sunday school I will make sure she is his class. For the sake of legacy. He is a true servant of God.

10 Years Ago
On August 7, 1998 I had my first date with a girl named Lisa Allen. Turns out I’d marry her. Ten years later we’ve got a little family. Love grows love.

5 Years Ago
We moved into our home. Time flies. Lisa and I also enjoyed a little tour of Italy which was our last trip ever. Well at least for a good long while… and it if was, it was fantastic final trip.

3 Years Ago
I’m actually not sure if any significant happened in 2005. Though I did finally begin to broaden my musical taste.

1 Year Ago
I basically read zero books last year. Something that I regret and I’m pretty sure has been fixed for this year.

Enjoyed a day here at the office. Tonight we’re going to our bible study. I’m going to play some songs…3 are kind of newish. I’m a little fed up with my song selection.

Dodger game. I’m hoping they will do what it takes to make it into the playoffs. I’m not sure which team will show up in the playoffs, but with some recent acquisitions I think we may be able to take a series or two. Next season hopefully will be more dominant and consistent.

Next Year
This year I’ve begun the slow process of getting back into a regular fitness routine and I hope to keep expanding on that. I’m making small plans to participate in a organized bicycle ride and I’m hoping to continue hitting the trails around Santa Clarita.

this week

I am glad it is Friday and glad it is the start of a relatively free weekend. The past seven days have featured a packed schedule, prep for Sunday morning music, Disneyland (to celebrate a birthday), Sunday morning music, prep for our bible study discussion and so on.

Last night I think maybe my body finally won. I slept from about 9:00 pm until about 6:00 am. That is at least 2 1/2 hours of sleep beyond the normal. But, as many of you experience, more sleep doesn’t always equal more refreshment.

Tonight I think we’re going to take it easy, grab some dinner as a family and maybe even rent a movie called August Rush. Some people I know enjoyed it. It may be a good way to unwind a bit. This weekend I’m hoping to finish off a book that has lasted too long and advance in a book that has lasted even longer.  We’ll see. I should have an opportunity to post a few photographs from the events of the past month. See you soon.

letters to the editor, vol. 2

Last year, Andrew Osenga released an EP called Letters to the Editor, Vol. 1 where he took stories people e-mailed him and wrote songs about them. He limited himself only use vocals and acoustic guitars on that album–which as it turns out, was his best work yet.

Until of course, he again continued in his series. Released yesterday is Letters to the Editor, Vol. 2. This time, only vocals and electric guitar. And actually, he could only use one electric guitar and one amp per song. He covers this stuff (along with recording details and song backstory) in the .pdf you get with the download. He also only used one guitar pedal, the famed Deluxe Memory Man. You will enjoy.

The price for both very solid EPs is great too. Free. Of course you can donate if you like it, but if you’re not a fan, download them, and pay if you can and/or if you like them.

I really think the song on Letters to the Editor, Vol 2 called Let Us Know You is quite moving.

Letters to the Editor, Vol. 1
Letters to the Editor, Vol. 2

fruits and sand

We had a visit to the Newhall Farmers Market. They had a nice selection of fruits and vegetables. We later visited the Newhall Bicycle Company to pick up some new brake pads.

Claire received some Moon Sand and enjoyed playing with it…