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In case you are wondering who is the worst band in the world, Google has made it very clear. My only complaint is that Nickelback was not considered. Merry Christmas my friends.


2008 albums

It’s the end of the year and I want to share my list of favorite albums released in 2008.

The Weepies – Hideaway – Beautifully written lyrics with simple melodic hooks. The music is understated but very deep. Andrew Peterson says, “Their music is breezy, sweet, melodic and delightful, like what you’d listen to at the outset of a good road trip.”

Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken – Ampersand – EP – Another husband and wife duo. No surprise here. The first album of these two is easily the be work musically of either. Music fits in perfectly with the lyrics. This short album is all about love, so be prepared for the sweetness.

Andrew Peterson – Resurrection Letters, Vol. 2 – It’s hard to follow-up on two fantastic albums, The Far Country and Behold the Lamb of God so I was admittedly lowering my expectations about this album when I heard it was being released. I don’t think it matches The Far Country, but it is close. Typical Andrew Peterson–brutally honest lyrics, the right cast of supporting musicians and a focus on hope, particularly our hope of resurrection. This is not a “worship” record, but I think you will be led to worship listening to it and considering its truth and the beauty.

Ben Shive – The Ill-Tempered Klavier – Ben Shive has produced many of Andrew Peterson’s more recent records and is his primary touring partner. Song of the best songs I’ve heard all year are on this record. Well-arranged, well-executed and sung pretty well. Ben Shive is another reason why I appreciate singer-songwriters. Inspiring.

Sandra McCracken – Red Balloon – The second of Sandra McCracken’s albums that are titled after the heart–fitting for such a personal and emotional song writer. The songs on this album seem to continue what we began hearing with Ampersand – EP, music based on the acoustic guitar, but throw in a few drum loops for some electronica flavor. With the new sound, there is no loss of authenticity, which since Gypsy Flat Road, has been a signature part of her music. I highly recommend this one.

The Welcome Wagon – Welcome to the Welcome Wagon – Vito Aiuto is an ordained PCA Pastor, who actually pastors a church my good friend went to while living on the East Coast. Sufjan Stevens actually wrote and played a song at his ordination which was on his Michigan album. The Welcome Wagon is Vito and his wife Monique, playing hymns and other spiritual songs in a simple unique way. Their debut album is simple and bold, featuring a cover of Danielson, Lenny Smith and other hymn-writers. This album truly “hails to Lord’s Anointed, great David’s greater son”.

Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago – I’m scared for Justin Vernon, the person behind the band whose title means, “Good Winter”. The album is brilliant, and he has been all over the world touring and receiving awards and recognition for this. I just wonder if he’ll have the time and focus to write something that even come close. Written after a series of difficult situations Justin Vernon went a remote cabin to get away from things. As a result, this album was born, recorded in that cabin. Whether the next albums will be able to match this, I don’t know, but For Emma, Forever Ago is a fine work.

Andrew Osenga – Letters to the Editor, Vol. 2 – A fine second part to Osenga’s series of songs inspired by his fans. His best work yet. And it’s free.

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it’s been far too long i know

My friends, I know it’s been far too long since I’ve written. Our great country has elected new leaders and re-elected some, Thanksgiving has come and gone (too quickly) and now it’s December. 

As we were driving home tonight, I realized something quite distinct about today. 

This morning as I waited to pay for my coffee my co-worker was kind enough to pay for me. I had my money out, but he insisted.

Today at lunch we visited the new Tony’s Deli in Burbank. Tina, the manager/owner/extraordinaire said my lunch was on the house. (For the past two years I don’t actually order when I go there. They just know what I eat.)

And if that wasn’t enough of a blessing, tonight, I didn’t pay for our dinner out with family. Dinner at Claim Jumper paid for. (I should add that I was planning to pay, stopped at the ATM beforehand)

Anyone want to have lunch tomorrow? 🙂