piper on loving those who abuse you

In a chapter called Love Your Enemies–Pray for Those Who Abuse You in the book What Jesus Demands from the World, John Piper covers how we should specifically pray for our enemies. Following a list of points expanding on how we pray the Lord’s prayer for our enemies, he writes this:

It is pathetic to see love stripped of God. Even some Christians are misled into thinking you can love someone without longing for and praying for an aiming at the exaltation of God in the heart of their enemy. What is so sad about this is that it not only betrays the diminished place of God in the heart of the Christian, but also implies that there can be real love where we don’t care if someone perishes eternally, as long as they prospered here on earth. It is true that our love and prayer may not succeed in wakening our enemy to faith in Jesus and to the hallowing of God’s name. Love is the aim of our sacrifice, not its success. We may or may not succeed in the Jesus-exalting, God-hallowing transformation we aim at. But a heart that does not aim at our enemy’s eternal joy in Jesus is not the full-orbed, robust love that Jesus demands. It is a narrow and pathetic substitute, no matter how creative and sacrificial and media-admired the labor is for our enemy’s earthly welfare. Love prays for our enemy with all the aims and longings of the Lord’s Prayer.


tmk dad’s day

Last Saturday was Dad’s Day for the pre-school my daughter Claire attends. It was a privilege to attend and participate in something my wife and my daughter are involved in weekly.

I’ve posted some photos from TMK Dad’s Day on Lisa’s Picasa. Enjoy.