More conversations

There is great irony in posting this here for many reasons. One because this is a blog, and two because this sounds like justification why I don’t often write here, but nonetheless, I think it’s helpful.

At the Desiring God National Conference this past weekend, John Piper said, “We would do better in the evangelical world with fewer blogs and more phone calls.”

I’m not sure of the full-context of this statement, but certainly this applies to the shepherding perspective. Last week I was also thinking about how much social media can take away from actual conversations. We can have a relationship with someone, or at least the appearance of a relationship just by reading their recent updates or seeing their photos. What you write certainly reveals what’s inside your heart, but there is so much left to interpretation. I like SMS Messaging, it’s great for in-the-middle-of-something-else dialog, but it’s so inferior to a quick phone conversation because a phone call can quickly get to the main thing while demanding the attention of the people involved, and bring out those tangential topics that cultivate relationships.