Biblical Christianity

TGCImage“We often hear of New Testament Christianity and we understand what is meant by that. But we need to be very clear that we are called to Biblical Christianity. Christ himself declares that there is Old Testament Christianity, that the gospel is found in the Old Testament, that he is present in the Old Testament. Not only when speaking of Moses just in a text like Deuteronomy 18:18, but in all that Moses wrote, and in all that the Prophets said, in all of the Scriptures.” – Al Mohler, Studying the Scriptures and Finding Jesus


About clydeblogs
I am husband to my sweetheart Lisa, and we are parents of our sweetheart Claire Renae and the curiously cute Evan. I wish I could say that I speak a little, and think a lot, but I think I speak a lot and think less than I should.

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