a shameless plug

The perfect companion for great companions. That’s the way I’d explain my appreciation for Sandra McCracken’s album, Gypsy Flat Road. One of my favorites on the album is a particularly instructive one called, Trade My Love which invokes reminders of Proverbs 25:20.

The chorus goes, “I will not sing songs when you’re heavy, I will not speak words to make it clear, I will stay with you and all that you carry, I would trade my love, I would trade my love for all your fears.”

Sometimes when someone close is suffering an important thing is just to spend time with them. Yes, there is a place for encouragement and exhortation to impart grace [Ephesians 4:29], but we should not discount the importance of time spent with someone hurting. I think our fast-paced culture hinders this. We’d prefer to quickly cheer up hurting friends by way of distraction. However, in this case, quantity is as important as quality.

Anyway, we could launch into a discussion for this, or I could tell you how it was Sandra McCracken that helped me see that hymns were important and how CS Lewis was worth reading, but what I want to tell you is that Gypsy Flat Road is available for free from Noisetrade.

You can read Sandra’s thoughts, though you don’t even need that. You just need 51 minutes. Smooth vocals you may not find, and you might think it’s a little honky-tonk. But I think by the time you get to the last song, “Close of the Day” you’ll know why I like it so much.

“From where we fell, the voice of rapture tells the story of weight and wonder to carry us down. And this is not what we deserve.”


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