Why we exist

…”For by him all things were created . . . all things were created through him and for him.” So Paul teaches us that Jesus Christ created all that is. They were created through him. And all things were created for him.

All that came into being exists for Christ–that is, everything exists to display the greatness of Christ. Nothing–nothing!–in the universe exists for its own sake. Everything–from the bottom of the oceans to the top of the mountains, from the smallest particle to the biggest star, from the most boring school subject to the most fascinating science, from the ugliest cockroach to the most beautiful human, from the greatest saint to the most wicked genocidal dictator–everything that exists, exists to make the greatness of Christ more fully known–including you, and the person you have the hardest time liking.

John Piper, Spectacular Sins, page 33.


About clydeblogs
I am husband to my sweetheart Lisa, and we are parents of our sweetheart Claire Renae and the curiously cute Evan. I wish I could say that I speak a little, and think a lot, but I think I speak a lot and think less than I should.

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