Fighting fire with fire

“Sin only has power by virtue of its promises. Nobody sins out of duty… the only way therefore to sever the root of that offer of satisfaction is the promise of a superior satisfaction and that’s God…”

-John Piper, How Does Future Grace Work Against Sin?

Our trouble with words…

If we are going to understand our trouble with words, we must begin with the heart. Our tongues are a restless evil because the “heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” (Jer. 17:9). Word problems reveal heart problems. The people and situations around us do not make us say what we say; they are only the occasion for our hearts to reveal themselves in words.

Paul David Tripp, War of Words, page 55

Places south…

On August thirteenth, I celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of my own birth. Just five days after that we celebrated the tenth anniversary of our wedding. We also celebrated Claire’s birthday this past Monday. It was a busy month.

In September it will mark the eighth year we’ve lived in our home here in Santa Clarita. If I am calculating properly, this is mark the longest I’ve lived in one place and it has become home. Though our true home is somewhere north, this has been a great place to live…

To celebrate our anniversary, Lisa and I (along with Eliza) traveled to Laguna Beach for an overnight getaway. It was a quick trip, but it was a great time together. It was nice to reflect on the blessings we’ve enjoyed in these years. Here are some photographs from our trip–

We stopped at the Alcove Cafe in Los Angeles. Here’s the beverage menu

And some of their desserts, which are quite good

Eliza and I.

After a little bit of traffic slowed us down we went to Balboa Island, a place we’d never been to, and would have likely never heard of. When frozen milk and sugar is offered, that’s a good start…

We shopped at this candle place. Typically places with candles are overwhelming but this place was nice and neutral.

We took a stroll along the edge of the island. It was peaceful and refreshing. I’m so glad Balboa Island was recommended.

The next morning, we walked down to a coffee shop and on the way, we found this really cool patio fireplace at a French Restaurant. The whole plaza around this place was fun to explore, and we stopped in a bakery for some pastries (we were on vacation, right?).

The next day, we walked along the boardwalk at Laguna.

At Laguna Beach.

On our way north we stopped at the Crab Cooker.

I couldn’t agree more…

Cool interior decorating…

And before the drive home we walked on the pier at Newport Beach.

Anyone want to take a guess about which one of these shots were taken on a digital camera?