Last Saturday I sent a few rolls of film away to Oregon to get processed. I had a total of five rolls. Three had just recently been used and finished, but I couldn’t recall when I had taken the photos on the other shots, but I know it had been years. I started shooting exclusively with a digital SLR in the spring of 2007. What I found brings back great memories–

Claire in December of 2006.
Claire (December 2006).

Lisa (December 2006)
And the beautiful Lisa (December 2006).

Lisa (about 4 months pregnant with Evan) and I (December 24, 2006).
Lisa (about 4 months pregnant with Evan) and I (December 24, 2006).

A ninja and a sunset

My ninja boy.

And the beautiful sunset over the water. (It looked way better in person)

Did you always believe?

My son is now four years old. He loves to play and he loves to compete (as long as he is never “it” in tag, or never loses). He usually runs instead of walks and brings intensity to mundane activities. He balances affection and aggression, some times better than other times. I think that he thinks he is his big sister’s age.

As fun as these things are, they need careful shepherding. He needs to learn to participate fully in tag, which may require being “it”. He’ll also need to learn that you may have to lose if you’re going to battle. He’ll need to learn also that there’s an appropriate time to be aggressive. I think I’ll let him learn on his own that basketball, though it is fun, will not likely be something he has a professional future in.

In our prayers for our children we try to place an emphasis on believing in Jesus. We ask God to reveal to them their need for a Savior and for a heart to believe Jesus is able to save. We ask the same thing for ourselves. On Monday evening, after Bible reading, Evan asked, “Dad, when you were a little boy did you always believe?” I told him that I didn’t always believe. I didn’t truly believe until I was 14. After I said this, he said, “Because I don’t think I believe.” We discussed why he thought he didn’t believe and I told him if he has any questions to ask them.

My heart desperately wants him to believe in Jesus. But I know I can’t make him believe. What is significant is that he admits he doesn’t believe. I knew at age 8 that I didn’t believe and that I didn’t want to. I never admitted to anyone that I didn’t believe until I was 14. He is demonstrating a maturity at age four that I didn’t have until age fourteen. We hope that one day we’ll rejoice in the new birth of our son, but for now, we are thankful to see that he knows he doesn’t have it. Praying for God’s grace.

Happy Birthday

Eliza Jane was born today at seven forty two. She is six pounds and thirteen ounces. She is beautiful. Lisa is doing well too. Your prayers are appreciated! It is indeed a happy birthday.


Presenting Eliza Jane from Clyde S. on Vimeo.


What a week of brilliant Spring weather. The mornings have been cool, afternoons warm and the evenings cool just like the mornings. At home, we have been preparing for the rooms and dusting off the equipment for the little one. At work, I have been making good progress on a project though it came at the expense of some others. Despite that I am grateful.

Tonight Claire is spending the night at her friend’s which marks the first time she has been away.

Here she is with her bag all ready to go–

We will miss our girl tonight, but this provided time to hang with Evan. Our night included Lamppost Pizza (the best in town, though perhaps not better than this, we’ll see).

Olives all over with mushrooms on half and sausage on the other half.

Evan is retrieving something.


I love these two!

What else is going on? Too much to write about. I have really enjoyed this exhortation from Erik Raymond, cautioning us to be careful when using the Old Testament, “Our temptation is to jump into the passage with our Christological-veins bulging and neglect the original context. We parachute into the passage, take a quick look around, and then look for the quickest vine out of town into the New Testament. And who could criticize this? After all, you are preaching Christ. Right?”

Having read that, I am still very encouraged by the refocusing on the whole counsel of God. We ignore Jesus when we don’t teach him from the Old Testament.

And more thoughts on this here from Dr. Carson and Dr. Keller.

My friend and a mentor gives me something good to think about. Reminding me how to count others as more important than myself. “Our lack of grace to others cannot be fixed with tighter rules or frequent reminders or whipping ourselves into a guilt-frenzy because we blew it again. If we want to show more grace, then we must worship God more, in particular, we must worship the Word made flesh.”

Now back to Tarzan and this yummy mango frozen treat.

spring 2011 photos

From Spring 2011
From Spring 2011

Claire is posing during a little break from coloring Easter eggs.

From Spring 2011
From Spring 2011
From Spring 2011

I love my boy and my wife in their aprons!

open house

Our daughter has been enjoying Kindergarten, which is just a few hundred feet from our home. Last night instead of Sparks, we visited the school for an open house.

Her classroom is 5, which is also her age. How appropriate.
Open house